Everything You Need to Know About CLA Safflower Oil


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get into shape. Regardless of your body type, everyone can benefit from a healthy diet and regular exercise. For some people, getting started can be difficult. Others may have no trouble getting into shape, only to have a hard time shedding their abdominal fat. Shedding this excess fat can be incredibly difficult, but necessary. It can give you the energy boost and motivation you need to start an intense workout program. Additionally, losing that extra weight reduces your risk for heart disease and stroke.

There have been many so-called miracle cures advertised in the past, but none of them were very effective. Recently, a supplement called CLA safflower oil has gained popularity, promising to help decrease the amount of fat in a person’s body. It has been tested in a few different studies and is frequently recommended by fitness experts as an add on to a healthy diet and exercise regime. Learn more about this supplement to find out if it is the best one for you.

What is CLA Safflower Oil?

This type of oil is a health and dietary supplement, made from high concentrations of pure safflower oil and CLA extract. Users of the supplement are meant to consume it as part of their daily diets, which effective increases their metabolism and muscle mass. The supplement first made it to the market in 2016 and was manufactured solely to help people shed weight. Despite this, researchers and users have since found many benefits and uses for this incredible supplement.

Are CLA, Safflower Oil, and CLA Safflower Oil the Same?

Many people new to supplements and weight loss confuse CLA, safflower oil, and CLA safflower oil. Though they are related, and each has a positive effect on the body, they are not the same supplement. Buyers looking for all the perks of taking both CLA and safflower together may find themselves disappointed with the results seen using only one of those components. There are benefits to using those other substances on their own, especially for those who have already taken the full supplement and are happy with their body mass.


CLA is a fatty acid taken from Linoleic Acid, a type of omega-6 that has numerous benefits to the human body. It is naturally found in products from grass and grain fed animals, such as dairy and meats. Nutrition experts tout CLA as a fantastic way of decreasing total body mass, improving your BMI.

Safflower Oil

Safflower oil comes from the safflower plant. Its use dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. The plant’s oil is edible and is an ideal replacement for other types of cooking oil. Safflower oil does have many positive effects on the body and can aid in weight loss. However, it does not have the same impact on adipose and fatty tissue as CLA. Ideally, a combination of the two should be used to reduce weight and support muscle tone.

CLA Safflower Oil

CLA safflower oil combines both elements in one supplement. The user benefits from safflower oil’s metabolism boost while also experiencing the impact CLA has on the body’s fatty tissues. This supplement also works better at boosting your overall health, as most brands tend to include a variety of other natural elements to increase the effectiveness.

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Does CLA Work?

One question many skeptics have is “does CLA work?” Whenever you encounter a new supplement, it is a fair question to ask. When it comes to CLA safflower, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

A recent study was conducted at Ohio State University, focusing on menopausal and obese women. The goal was to determine whether the supplement had any effect on weight loss. Subjects were divided into two groups, one of which received the CLA supplements and the other received the safflower oil supplements. Women receiving the CLA supplement lost an average of 3.2 percent of their total body fat. Both groups saw a decrease in blood sugar levels, while also experiencing a notable increase in muscle tissue.

These results are incredibly encouraging, as the subjects also experienced no other impact on their health. It is important to note that the supplement was scientifically administered in these studies, meaning that each woman was receiving the correct dose every time. Make sure that you comply with the same strict dosage rules to gain the biggest benefit. Always read the directions and accompanying literature when you purchase a CLA supplement, as the dosage may differ depending on the brand you choose.

For the greatest impact, invest in a formula that is high in CLA as well as safflower oil. This helps you gain the best of both worlds, giving you all fat-burning benefits of CLA with the muscle tone and metabolism boost of safflower oil.

How Do CLA Supplements Work?

It works by targeting the body’s adipose tissue, breaking it down while preventing new fat tissue from occurring. The oil also improves metabolism and promotes the muscle development. Experts do recommend that individuals taking the supplement begin to work out more, as a way to burn off their newfound excess energy, and to help encourage the supplement to break down body fat faster.

Supplements containing CLA alone focus only on targeting the body’s fatty tissues, reducing overall body mass. Those containing only safflower oil support the development of muscle mass while promoting a metabolic increase. Both elements work by being ingested orally, eventually working their way into the blood stream.

Are There Any Side Effects?

CLA safflower oil is almost entirely natural, comprised of elements like safflower, CLA, flaxseed, prune extract, and papaya leaf extract. As a result, it is highly tolerated by almost all users, without any noticeable side effects. There are a few special circumstances where you should avoid the use of this particular supplement:

  • Pregnant women, as it can cause miscarriages
  • Women who are breastfeeding, since safflower has not been tested on this group
  • Individuals with bleeding or clotting problems, because it is a blood thinning agent
  • Individuals who are within two weeks of surgery, due to the concerns thinning agents present
  • Anyone with a ragweed allergy should check with their healthcare provider first

As long as you are not in one of these sensitive groups, CLA safflower oil is perfectly safe. In most circumstances, the prohibition to this supplement use is only temporary. For example, women who have weaned their children can resume use safely without risk to future pregnancies.

In addition to there being virtually no negative side effects, there are numerous other health benefits to taking CLA, safflower, or any combination of the two. These benefits include preventing heart disease, decreasing cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure. Safflower oil on its own is an excellent cooking oil replacement for those who are interested in getting a little more safflower in their diet.

Who Can Benefit from a CLA Supplement?

Anyone looking to boost their energy, gain muscle tone, and decrease the amount of body fat should invest in this supplement. Most versions have a few other natural ingredients that also carry with them amazing health benefits, including:

  • Flaxseed – an excellent source of fiber
  • Oat bran – decreases cholesterol and reduce appetite
  • Papaya leaf extract – aids in digestion and helps treat gastrointestinal disorders
  • Prune extract – also helps improve digestion

Why Use CLA Safflower Supplements?

Since CLA safflower oil supplements are relatively new to the market, many dieters are skeptical and wonder why they should opt for this one over others. There are several reasons why all dieters and those who want to lose weight should pick up these supplements over any other dietary aides currently available.

These supplements are completely safe, with almost no side effects. They are easy to integrate into your diet. Additionally, they carry with them a whole range of other health benefits, ones not offered by other dietary supplements.

How to Find the Best CLA Supplement

If you’ve decided to purchase a dietary aid, you should spend some time looking for the best CLA supplement. Ideally, the one you choose should have been on the market for a while, have several positive CLA safflower oil reviews across different platforms, and have manufacturers you can trust. Read websites carefully, taking the time to examine any information about the company history you can find. Most dietary supplements come from reputable organizations, interested in helping their consumers find non-medical ways to get healthy, but there are those that fail to live up to their promises. By taking the time to research the manufacturer, you can be sure you find the best CLA supplement for you.

Before you take any new supplement, you should spend some time to research its benefits and effectiveness. Thanks to proven studies and CLA safflower oil reviews, you can purchase this supplement confident in the knowledge that it helps. Make sure you use it as part of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Fitness supplements are an incredible way to get into shape fast, and to lose any excess weight in the process. Investing in CLA Safflower oil is ideal for those who want to boost their energy, feel motivated to exercise, and lose a considerable amount of body fat in the process.


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