How to organize your workouts!

Now… How do we organize our workouts. It really depends on your goals and how advanced you are.

If your trying to lose weight, i cannot stress enough how important it is that you work squats somewhere into your routine (Seriously, don’t skip leg day. You’ll look ridiculous. It’s a very unaesthetic look).

Especially for men, this will increase your testosterone levels and throw your bodies into overdrive (don’t worry women this won’t happen to you; you won’t start growing facial hair). Start out with unweighted squats until you get comfortable and then adding weights!

If you’re starting out, I would limit your squat days to 2-3 times a week. Heavy squats are quite taxing on your central nervous system.

Now… we didcardio and squats… the rest of your routine ought to have chest, back, and shoulder exercises.

I like to stick with the basics. For chest, I dig the bench press, but you can also do dumbell presses.

For back, I like to do rows, but you can do pull ups too. Beginners can have a tough time with pullups, but most gyms have assisted pull up machines, if you’ve got a membership to one.

And for your shoulders I recommend either seated dumbell or barbell shoulder presses for beginners. For the more advanced, try to do them standing.

Always practice proper form, and I really recommend checking out MULTIPLE youtube videos before you try out an exercise. Stay safe and remember to keep a spotter around!