How to set up your diet!

It is absolutely fundamental that you learn how to manage your diet, if you want to reach your fitness goals. When I first starting working out, I completely neglected the dietary portion of getting in shape. It wasn’t until I started structuring how I consumed my meals, that I started to see results.

A lot of folks will try and tell you that you that you need to always count your macronutrients and document the amount of calories burned in your exercises. I don’t do that.

  1. Stop eating fast food!
  2. Start making home cooked meals
  3. If you’re trying to LOSE weight, DON’T eat around your workouts
  4. If you’re trying to GAIN weight, DO eat around your workouts

Follow these four rules and you will see progress, but there’s some more that you should keep track of.

AVOID SATURATED FATS AT ALL COSTS! candy, slim jims, sadly most of your favorite snacks 🙁

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to gain weight or lose it, saturated fats will make everything more difficult. Besides the fact that they’re horrible for you, your body has to work harder in order to break down saturated fats which means that there’s less energy to recruit to break down body fat or build muscle!